13 Things About Me

Sooooooooo here is a little snippet of who I am . . .

  • I believe I sound like Celine Dion when I am singing, and if you don’t hear this, you are hearing incorrectly! LOL!  I love singing; in the house, in the shower, in the car, everywhere . . . singing is so therapeutic, and so fun!  A few of my friends have had the honor of listening to me Snap Chat my singing . . . yup, it’s Celine Dion all the way, and you may just get a sneak peak one day on here!

  • I believe in kindness . . . it is like my religion! It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, and it makes you feel good!  Kindness is what every child should be taught, and every adult should model.  This world would be so different if more kindness existed . . . I am determined to see more of it, and to definitely show kindness on this blog!

 In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

  • Oh admitting this is hard but here it goes – I absolutely love love love ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise!!! It is a borderline obsession; something that can’t even be put into words!  I record all of the episodes, and I look forward to my “time” watching these characters live their lives!  It is so entertaining!!!  And I know I am not the only one!  Best one liner I have ever heard from a Real Housewife is, “You are an insignificant ass hair!”  Wow just wow!!!


  • I strongly dislike birds, particularly black birds! Every day since my Nana has passed away, I see black birds everywhere . . . funniest story about my Nana and birds, and I promise to tell it one day 😉 I like to think she is giggling as she sends these black birds around me!  I had two in my backyard tree yesterday and the way they looked at me, I swear they were going to bust through my sliding door and attack me!  Unpredictable creatures that I want to steer clear of!  No offence to bird lovers; they are just not my cup of tea!

  • I am really really really trying to love exercise! I love walking, and that’s about it!  I have made a promise to myself that I will try new things like yoga, spinning class, water aerobics . . . maybe I will take you all on my adventures of trying something new!  And if you have any fun exercise tips, leave me a comment and let me know!  I strive to be heart healthy and am always willing to try something new 😉


  • I secretly am addicted to my iPhone app “Cookie Jam” and I will not disclose what level I’m on but let’s just say it’s above level 1 and below level 700! Yup, yup it is!  It is a mindless game that allows for a bit of down time when I need to decompress or have a minute!  Go try it . . . you may just love love love it!


  • I’m Italian and absolutely beam with pride about that! The culture, the traditions, the family . . . it is amazing!  And that pasta, oh the pasta!  And the bread!  Never forget the homemade bread!  When I was young, my friends would come over after school and loved the smell of fresh homemade bread and would always stick around to have a bun, or two!  I love everything that my Italian culture has taught me . . . we love hard, we defend ourselves, we gather together and keep up with traditions, and we always put the future generation first!  It is a culture I am so grateful to have been born into!

 Veni.  Vidi.  Amavi.  I came.  I saw.  I loved.

  • The one person I would love to have dinner with, dead or alive, is my Garthie . . . I know it is so nauseating but I love him like the day I met him! We met in grade 6 and started dating in grade 9 and have been together ever since!  I will tell more of our story on another blog, but for now, that is who I would have dinner with.  Now if I could invite more people, oh the list would be so long!!!!  And as for dead people, hmmmmmm, I don’t think I would want to have dinner with a dead person . . . but whatever floats your boat 😉

  • I am completely photo crazed; if it hasn’t been photographed then the moment has not happened! LOL!  I love love love taking photographs!  Capturing the moment for me is so important, and then looking back at the photographs fills my heart!  Right now on my iphone, I have 3,029 photos . . . for realzies, that is the number!!!  It definitely is a passion of mine and I can’t wait to keep taking more photos!


  • I believe I have been a very consistent person in my life; I am who I am in front of my family, in front of my friends, in front of strangers, in front of anyone really . . . I believe being who you are and showing that authenticity and rawness allows you to embrace every moment that much more, and connect with so many people. When you are inconsistent with who you are, and adopt different personas around different people, you never truly are able to give one hundred percent of yourself, and those around you don’t get to have you as a whole. Always be yourself, and be proud – that’s my motto!


  • My parents are my first and last phone call of the day! Since I was 18 years old and I moved away from home, that is how my day has been. I wouldn’t change it for the world!  There will be a day that will come where I won’t have that, and I will miss it terribly.  So for now, I love my calls, and I love that my mom still asks me what I fed the kids for dinner . . . one day I will answer “I have kids?  What?” LOL!  Truthfully, I am so grateful that I have these two humans who love me unconditionally, and who have taught me to be who I am, stand proud, always remember where I came from and always choosing kindness.  They are two of my favourite people in this world!


  • I am a fierce friend! My friends are my heart . . . they allow me to be the dorky person I am, and they accept every inch of my personality! I love my friends, my tribe, and I love them hard!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing friends . . . the family I have chosen!


  • And finally, I love love love talking, writing and having fun . . . hence this blog! It is such a great way to show my creativity, and share with all of you! It has been a while since I have wanted to start this, and I am so glad I did!  Having fun is so important to me because life is truly to short to not enjoy the ride!  I do believe there is time for serious things, but if you can get a giggle in there, it makes it that much better!  Here is to a life that is full of adventure and so many more giggles, and so so so much more love than I can ever imagine!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better!  Leave a comment to share a few things about you!  I would love to know you better too!

Love love love, LC



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