A Bucket Full of Summer!

Summer . . . oh sweet sweet sweet summer!  It is one of my favourite seasons because it is when we make our ‘Family Summer Bucket List’!  For the last 10 years, we have religiously made a bucket list with each of us taking turns writing down what we wish to do over the summer break!  We usually check off every box, however, sometimes a few get missed because time just runs out!  Wouldn’t it be great if summer break was 4 months instead of 2?  I know I would smile a lot more if it was longer!!!

This year for our list, the boys have picked a few great things for us to do!  One of my favourites is “a funny photo day”!  Now anyone who knows me knows that all I do is take tons and tons of photographs!  I love love love photographs!!!  So to add an extra element of “fun” to photos is going to be amazing!  I want to learn more about photography, and also be more creative on a daily basis!  I also enjoy making photo collages and can’t wait to share them with you!

Do any of you make summer bucket lists?  What sorts of things do you choose to do?  Any other traditions your family has for summer?  Our traditions are held close to my heart, and I want these traditions for our kids because they can pass them on to their kids and include us too, even when I have a walker or have lost my marbles!  I also appreciate the fact that the boys can invite their friends to join us, and we can also include our extended family or friends to join us as well.  It just creates so many memories for all of us!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!  I find the key to a happy summer is happy children, so here is to making my children happy, and crossing off our items on our list, and making many memories for years to come!

Love love love, LC



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