City of Rainbows

The beautiful sound of rain waking me up this morning was so refreshing!  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of the sunshine, but the rain was a welcoming sound and brought back so many memories for me!  I love love love the rain, and I know that sounds so silly, but I truly do!  But not during soccer season LOL!

Rain has always been a part of my childhood, and the reason I say that is because I grew up in the rainiest city of all time . . . beautiful Prince Rupert!  I say the rainiest city of all time with the upmost respect and love; Prince Rupert has and forever will be a part of my heart!  There are so many reasons Prince Rupert is an incredible little town . . . the nature, the ocean, the community, the people, and absolutely everything else in it!  It was the best city to grow up in, and a beautiful one!  It is referred to as the ‘city of rainbows’ and it forever is a colourful and beautiful city to me, just like a rainbow 🙂

When I was a child, Prince Rupert had around 18,000 people living in it.  It was a little gem of a city, and still is in my opinion!  I loved that so many of my family members were part of this incredible community, and that every where I went, I was always sure to run into an aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.!  It was wonderful!  There was never a day that went by that you didn’t run into someone at the grocery store, at the mall, or on the street; it was a highlight for me because it was impromptu little visits like that that filled my heart daily!

Growing up in a small town meant you needed to be creative with what you did!  I appreciated growing up in a time where technology wasn’t at the forefront of my daily life.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it so very much today as an adult, however I do feel that a balance between technology and having a childhood where you can play and not think about screen time or texting is far more beneficial than going to one extreme or the other!  That will be another blog post, and a discussion in the future 😉

The friends that I grew up with are still my friends, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world!  I met some incredible people growing up in Prince Rupert!  When we were in high school, we would walk/bike/rollerblade around town in the summer time, and have the best fun!  I loved the summer that I learned how to rollerblade; summers in Prince Rupert meant long hours in the day . . . early sunrise and late sunsets, so being outdoors until 11pm wasn’t unheard of!  I remember blading up and down Prince Rupert Boulevard and being so scared yet so excited at the same time!  And now reflecting back, I loved that traffic was minimal . . . we didn’t have to worry about hundreds of vehicles passing us by and the fear of being hit!  The freedom of knowing that only a few vehicles were passing you, and 9 times out of 10 you knew who was in the vehicle, was such a great feeling!  I wish that my children could’ve experienced my childhood, the simplicity, the nature, and the freedom of it all definitely shaped me into who I am today!

I love love love where we live now, especially because it has a small town feel to it!  It is the best compromise I could give my children; a small town with big city life!  And the key to making it work is to create the balance you want, and I believe I have created that for my little family!  I love my neighbourhood, and I love love love the people in it!  This community is like no other (but it does come very close to what I grew up with and I am very grateful for that 😉 ).  I will forever hold Prince Rupert in my heart, and visit as much as I can!  For now, I will appreciate the rainy days in my little town, and always have the memories that come with that amazing sound of raindrops hitting the ground!

Love love love, LC

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