National Junk Food Day

This day, National Junk Food Day, is dedicated to any food that is sweet, savoury or salty!  Now I am not sure if this is worldwide, or just in a specific country, but I am taking it as a day of celebration and going with it!  Today I chose to go to Sticky’s Candy Shop and reminisce about the ‘junk food’ I used to eat as a child, and share them with my boys!

We walked into the store, and it was a colourful palette with a sweet sweet smell of something close to a mix of cotton candy and a chocolate cake!  My mouth was watering, and my eyes were big, and as I walked around the store, I found myself right back to my childhood!  Shopping for candy back then was so easy; you had a handful of pennies and a small selection of candy to choose from!  You bought your candy from the local corner store, and you always were happy with what you got!  Well, today there are candies that are $5 plus, and it’s for the same little amount, and the choices are in the hundreds . . . it isn’t as easy as it once was!  And I wonder why I became so indecisive in my adulthood!!!

I chose four of my favourite candies . . . Nerds, Big League Chew, Taffy and Gold Mine Gum!  Oh those were the candies from the old days 🙂 I remember my mom and Nana buying me some treats, and just love love loving each and every time!  I would savour every morsel of candy in my hand!

All you need is love, maybe a little candy, because life is short so make it sweet

Hope you all have enjoyed your Junk Food Day . . . what sorts of ‘junk food’ do you like to eat?  Share in the comments; I would love to read about it 🙂 And remember, the key to everything is moderation, so we will make sure to not enjoy too much candy, but just enough to make us smile 😉

Love love love, LC


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  1. Great post, I really enjoyed doing this with the kids today. You’ll always be the sweetest thing to me though.

  2. I’m not a big candy person, but I must admit I do love jelly tots and chocolate buttons as they bring me back to my childhood 😀

  3. I would never ever eat any candy. I can’t stand it. I would however give in and have fries and gravy. Especially the ones from The Canteen at the Civic Center LOL

  4. Oh Lisa, you are such an amazing person. Whenever I think of you I smile. You have always been such an authentic person and who you are just shines so bright. Keep on love, love, loving!
    Thank you for sharing your blog with me, I will treasure the snippets of your world.

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