A Hole in One!

Sunday Funday . . . mini golf; one more check off the summer bucket list!  We have mini golf on the list every summer, and it is loads of fun!!!  Now I love a challenge, and sometimes mini golf can be a bit of a tackle, however, it always proves to be fun and in the end, that’s all that matters!

Golf – an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle

Playland’s mini golf course has always been a fun course for our family to visit!  It is included in the cost of admission, so that’s a bonus in my books!!!  It is an 18-hole course, and it never disappoints!  Usually, we can get away with 2-3 strokes per hole, and sometimes it even takes 5 or more!  Tricky little buggers 😉

The best is when there are tons of families out and about; you giggle with them, you roll your eyes because sometimes that Dad down the way just won’t give up and it takes a few more hours than minutes, and you take cover because the little toddler is just swinging his golf club all over the place and golf balls are flying about and Mom is yelling to stop and put the balls down!  LOL!  We fit in quite well; we are the family that is loud, laughs, takes lots of photos (yup, I sure do!), and just enjoys the moments!

Love love love, LC

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