Monday Mention!

Berry picking has been part of our summers for the better of 10 years now, and it is always a favourite day that we look forward to!  We venture out to Krause Berry Farms, located in Langley (6179  248th Street to be exact)!  It is a family owned and operated farm, and it has been around since 1974!  Alf and Sandee Krause sure have done an amazing job expanding this farm, and making what was once a little seed planted grow into something more!

I love love love all that Krause has to offer . . . the U-Pick Berry Fields, the Market, the Bakery, the Estate Winery, the Fresh Family Fun Field, the Cooking School, and so much more!  It is such a incredible farm, and has something for absolutely everyone!  You can take the family out there and make a day of it, you can go for a Friday night date with your partner, or you can go out there with a few close girlfriends and have a wine tasting!

The U-Pick Berry Fields is what we love to do!  We always arrive early in the morning, and bring our own buckets (you are able to bring in your own; just make sure to have them weighed before you go picking, or you can buy containers for $1 each) and then we decide what berries we want to start picking!  They have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries . . . we usually always end up with buckets full of blueberries!  It is best to call ahead before you trek out there to see their availability on berries!  We find the kids love picking their own berries, and are quite happy and proud when their buckets are overflowing!  We love going with family and/or friends, and it always ends up being a fun time!

Once we are done berry picking, and we have paid for our berries, we stroll into the Market and Bakery!  Oh the sweet smell of this section of the farm . . . the baked bread, the fudge, the strawberry pies . . . it is heaven!  Our first stop in the Market is always choosing fudge; we were so excited this time around to have a deal . . . buy three fudge, get the fourth free!  Well, twist our rubber arms, we sure scooped up four pieces of fudge!  The flavours are not disappointing; we chose watermelon, raspberry cream and of course, vanilla and chocolate!  So sweet, and so delicious!  This little shop also offers the sweetest of home decor, goodies and treats that would be so ideal for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even a “just because” gift!  Such amazing little things to see, and purchase 😉

The Estate Winery is a place that we have said we will go back to for a date night, one night 😉 They offer wine tasting for $5, and if you purchase a bottle of wine, Krause will waive that $5!  They have earned the “Best Fruit Wine of 2017” in the All Canadian Wine Championships 2017, so you bet I will be buying a bottle for their wine!  Can’t wait to try it, and experience that moment!  The key will be just buying one bottle, or maybe two, or three!  LOL!  We have heard amazing things about their Estate Winery and just can’t wait!

Anytime we go to Krause for the day, we enjoy their famous Roasted Corn Pizza!  It is a favourite of ours, and it never disappoints!  You can also buy frozen pizzas that you can gulp up at home; I promise you won’t regret it!  My dad tried it, and he is a foodie critic, and he loved it!  And he is Italian so that says a lot!!!  This year, we also tried their waffles . . . oh Krause waffles – there are no words to describe how delicious these are!  From the homemade waffle batter, to the fruit syrup and berries poured on top, with the dollop of whipped cream, these are waffles you will want to get every time you take a trip to the farm!

Definitely a Monday Mention for sure, Krause Berry Farms is a place you will want to visit again and again and again . . . there is so much more to see and do out there than I have even listed, and it never ever will disappoint you!  From berries to waffles to wine, you will arrive happy and leave happy, and smiling with a full tummy and a mind full of amazing memories!

Love love love,  LC

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