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Health . . . whenever I hear that word, I get nervous, scared, and curious all at the same time!  Health is such an important factor in our lives, and I find it is something that most of us either take for granted and never think about, or we think about it too much and have many issues/illnesses that don’t make us sleep well at night!  Sadly, I feel there are so many different directions to a healthy lifestyle, and it confuses the majority of us!  I would much rather be properly informed and educated with what is good for us, what feeds our bodies, and what will allow us to live our lives to the best healthiest potential possible!  I want to live to see my grandchildren; better yet, I want to live to see my great grandchildren!

To live a healthy life, I believe it all starts with how we treat the inside of our bodies first!  Our minds, our bodies, and everything to do with our balance of both.  Other factors play a part, for sure, but I do believe treating your body from the inside out is the key to having a long life 🙂

Here is my story of how I have been able to find a product that I love love love so much . . . and please note, I am not a medical professional, I am not being paid/sponsored to write about this, and I am not saying what works for me will work for you . . . all I can offer is my story and my experience, and hopefully if it resonates with you, you can have a story and experience like mine too 🙂

I have always felt “floggy” – my interpretation of that word is “not clear minded”.  I always felt forgetful, never clear, and always like I was drifting in a fog and not able to bust out of it.  I know after having children, ‘mommy brain’ set in; yup, I would forget the very reason I left the kitchen to go to my bedroom . . . “what did I come in here for?” would be the typical statement throughout the day!  But that all changed the day I started a relationship with Allysian!!!  Love love love Allysian!

Apolo Ohno and Rod Jao

What is Allysian?  How do I even pronounce that?  Well, quite simply it is an amazing company that creates incredible products to help our bodies from the inside out!  It “redefines possible”!  Rod Jao and Apolo Ohno founded Allysian, and alongside a diverse team of individuals, created products that would help to create life long wellness!

Allysian offers products such as Mastermind, Genesis, Sinless, Omega, Elements, Smartkids, Rise and Symphony  . . . all products that have gone through extensive studies and research to be the best for your mind and body!  I used Mastermind for the first time last year, and all I can tell you is by day three, my “floggy” state had disappeared and a new sense of awareness and clarity had come to light!  I did not ask the typical statement of my day anymore; I knew exactly what I was thinking and remembering!  It was such an amazing feeling!  Now, was I a skeptic?  Absolutely!  Did I think this was mind over matter (literally 😉 LOL), YES!  As days went by, I started realizing, this is definitely concrete, and I felt a new lease on life!  Mastermind is made with unique, potent and proven herbal and botanical extracts from around the world and created to help you perform your best!  It is a cognitive support formulation that allows you to strive in any arena of your life, at any stage!

After Mastermind totally worked for me (I still take it to this day), I started taking Elements for her; these vitamins have the highest quality ingredients combined to provide the essentials needed daily for the best health!  Some ingredients are organic super foods like matcha, spirulina, kale, and beets!  There are no fillers, unnecessary synthetic binders, or excipients.  Everything in there is exactly what your body needs to maximize your body during the day!  

Sinless is another favourite product that I have tried, and definitely love love love!  It is a chocolate that is infused with the Mastermind Matrix Blend!  Now who doesn’t love chocolate?  And chocolate that is good for you?  Well sign me up, and take my order, because I will be happy to eat one or two pieces daily!!!  It is a healthy snack, and helps enhance overall brain and whole body health!  Yum and yay!!!

Smartkids is a plant based multi-vitamin gummy that my kids love taking every morning!  Before Smartkids, I used to give my boys vitamins because that’s what you’re supposed to do!  LOL!  But I never truly looked at the ingredients; I would just inquire from other mommy friends what vitamins they were giving their kids, and I would make my decision on that!  When I found out what was in the vitamins, I stopped immediately!  I did my research and found that Smartkids are plant based, contain no artificial preservatives, additives, colour or sweeteners, and is free of most common allergens!  And they contain zero sugar . . . yes, you read that right . . . zero sugar!  It is hard to find yummy vitamins to give to kids nowadays, and especially ones that would be considered healthy, but I need to look no further because I found the vitamins that make me sleep peacefully at night 🙂 

And for the latest product from Allysian . . . drum roll please . . . Rise!  Rise is an ultra premium 100% organic arabica coffee!  It is so delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  I have had two today, and I feel invigorated!!!  It is like no coffee I have ever tried!  It goes down so smooth, and is enjoyed hot or cold!  I love iced coffee, so I have enjoyed one to two cups that last couple of days in this blazing heat!  And I am drinking coffee that is healthy for me!  It is a coffee creation that stimulates the production of neuroprotective  factors, including brain derived neurotrophic factor, that are vital to learning, memory, and complete brain health!  Wowza, you had me at coffee and health!  

There are many more products that Allysian offers, and the ones I have written about above are just a few of my favourites!  They have been life changing for sure, and I hope everyone in their life can have clarity, health and longevity!  That is my goal, and my plan, and Allysian is definitely a part of that!  Wellness wishes to you all 🙂

Love love love, LC

Please note:  the above story is my story, and my story alone.  It is not sponsored at all by Alllysian, and in no way, shape or form, intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It truly is to share an experience with an amazing product I have found!  If you want any information, comment or send me a message . . . I am always happy to share more 🙂

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