Try It Thursday!

Today was an adventure . . . a Vegan adventure!  For a while I have been reading quite a bit of literature on a plant-based lifestyle, and how tremendously beneficial it is to ones health.  Well, I’m always up for trying something healthy, and if it works, even better!  So I decided to visit an organic market and browse the vegan options!  Let me tell you, there are plenty, and I was so surprised!  I was curious to see if a vegan lifestyle could work for me and my family, and my answer may surprise you!

I picked up some vegan items, and I loved loved loved that each had labels like “vegan, non-gmo, dairy free, gluten-free, organic”!  This definitely won points with me right from the beginning!  Then I started reading the ingredients and this is what made me smile from ear to ear, all the way to the back of my ponytail . . . I could actually pronounce these words!!!  They weren’t words that were so out of this universe, that even a genius can’t pronounce them!  They were simple words, like coconut, raisins, and nothing else!  Just easy peasy ingredients!  Love love love that!!!

I came home and one of my best friends dropped by and did a taste test with me!  Now let me tell you, that was an adventure on its own!  Love love love spending time with my Sarah, and having the bravery to try new food items together, and giggle as much as we did, well, that was the bestest adventure of the day!

We started with a drink, cause who doesn’t like to start a taste test with a drink!  It is called GT’s Synergy Organic and Raw Guava Goddess Kombucha!  Now upon opening it, my nose twisted and turned, and the smell was strong!  It smelled like vinegar, and it felt like my wee little nose hairs had been burned off!  Oh boy Sarah and I were in for a treat!  LOL!  So we bravely clinked glasses and just went for it!  It was smooth, and going down wasn’t too bad, however, the after taste, well that was something else!  Yuck!  It just lingered! And then lingered some more!  So we did a little research to see what Kombucha could offer us if we drank it . . . well the benefits were incredible!  Kombucha, to my understanding, is made by fermenting sweet black or green tea with yeast culture and bacteria!  I know, sounds gross right?  It offers a ton of vitamins, is a great source of probiotics, and helps to cleanse the body while supporting a healthy immune system!  It is also known to give extra energy, and to help with fatigue!  Now that is something us mommies can use!  And now we don’t mind the drink!  And in Sarah’s words, “Vodka can save this drink!”  That will be another try it Thursday 😉 It comes in all sorts of different flavours so I’m willing to try to find one I can really learn to love, especially if it is this good for me!

Next we tried Pulse Kitchen’s Sharp Cashew Cheddar spread!  We tried it on organic rice crackers . . . and let me tell you, it wasn’t a favourite of ours!  Once opened from the package, it looked like a little something a newborn baby would leave after a midnight feeding!  Remember the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” . . . well this applies here!  Let’s not judge the taste by it’s appearance!  We definitely were going to give it an honest go!  We spread it on to the organic rice cracker and once again, bravely had a test!  Now I shouldn’t say it was disgusting or gross, because it honestly wasn’t.  I think it was the cheddar flavouring that wasn’t a hit!  We both agreed we were willing to try different flavours, and would probably eat it again because it was super healthy!  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the benefits of cashews and it being  turned into a spread that can be eaten as a light snack, well, I am willing to try it again!

We moved on to Banana Joe Crispy Thin Banana Chips, sea salt flavour!  Well we were impressed!  They looked and smelled great, just like a regular bag of chips!  So we attempted to try them, and lo and behold, they were a hit!!!  So yummy, and flavourful!  As Sarah put it, “These would be a great snack for work, but not for watching the Bachelorette!”  My sentiments exactly!!!  They are definitely a great work snack that you can easily tuck into your purse or lunch bag!  They are light enough that you don’t feel that heaviness in your tummy after having some chips . . . okay after having the whole bag of chips!  You know I’m telling the truth here 😉 LOL!  They were for sure two thumbs up!

We decided to pair up two products that I purchased . . . Yoso’s Premium Creamy Cultured Coconut (unsweetened) and Prairie Naturals Superfoods Organic Coconut Chips (with organic cranberries, nuts and seeds).  Now let me tell you . . . both these items alone were incredible, and together, well it was like what brunch would taste like in Heaven!!!  So so so delicious!!!!!  We didn’t want to stop “trying” these food items! The cultured coconut is a great alternative to yogurt; it has the same consistency and is so fantabulous on it’s own or paired with whatever additions you could imagine, like granola, fruit, etc.!  And having a handful of the coconut chips was the perfect snack for watching the Bachelorette!  We found our perfect comfort food 😉 

We saved the best for last . . . Coconama Truffles . . . oh sweet sweet sweet truffles!  We tried the dairy free raspberry dark truffles and just like their motto says, “connect people with chocolate”, they achieved that goal!  They just melted in  your mouth, and made our taste buds do a happy dance!  I couldn’t believe something this tasty was actually not bad for us!  Sarah and I had one, and then two, and maybe we went for a third . . . we will never tell 😉

We had another little sip of our Kombucha, and cheered with smiles because it was a great “Try It Thursday!”  I would say I definitely would consider going the route of plant-based for my family when there are this many healthy choices in stores today!  I never would have thought about any of this before speaking to a few friends who have adopted this lifestyle, and after watching a few documentaries on just how beneficial this way of life truly is!

I am always willing to try new things and visit new places!  I am looking forward to sharing in my “Try It Thursdays”, and taking you all along for the adventure!  I hope you’ll join me, and possibly try new things too!  I thank Sarah for my first one; the key to trying new things for me is that it is so much more fun when you get to do it with family and friends!

Love love love, LC




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  1. That was super entertaining. Love your style Lisa and interesting. I’m trying more of a keto based plan right now and fermented veggies are so encouraged. Who knew that was healthy for us???thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for your kind words Kerri! I love love love learning all about healthier options, and exactly, who knew this was so healthy?!?! I will keep sharing what I learn 😉

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