Fun Friday . . . oops, I mean Super Saturday!

I’m baaaacccckk!!!!  I missed writing a blog yesterday for my Fun Friday, and let me tell you, there was a very good reason, and it rolls right into Super Saturday!  I had the most fun yesterday, and I am ‘super’ excited to share my adventure with you all!

The Birthday Girl, DeeDee, and I

My dear friend DeeDee is turning 50, and for her celebration, her husband organized a beautiful wine tour!  Who doesn’t love wine, wine with friends, and a wine tour?  Uh-huh, that’s what I thought!  😉 I had so much fun, and I can’t begin to say it enough times how much I love love love a good celebration and a good glass of wine 🙂

It all started in the afternoon when we met at DeeDee’s house; everyone was smiling from ear to ear, and just so excited for what the day had in store for us!  Some of us knew each other, and others were just meeting for the first time, and let me tell you, it felt like we all had known each other forever!  The energy was incredible!  And it was all because of a sweet, kind hearted, full of life mutual friend . . . our DeeDee!  The limo bus pulled up, and all of us were so eager to get this adventure going!!!

We took some pictures (of course we did, and as you will see, I took many many many photos, and the birthday girl was very happy I did!) and then loaded up into our air-conditioned ride!  Our limo driver was a kind soul . . . his name was Andrew!  I introduced myself right from the start, and he was super friendly!  He told us we were heading to three wineries, and assured us fun was coming our way!  Well who doesn’t love fun?!?!?!  The drive out there was great!  Chatting with the girls was super fun . . . talking about the birthday girl, any winery tours we have done in the past, and what fun was in store ahead!

We arrived at the first winery . . . Township 7!  At first glance, it was heavenly!  It honestly felt like we had arrived to a vineyard in Italy!  The view was breathtaking!  The grapes, the patio, the sunshine . . . oh it was like we had driven 30 minutes and arrived to the most exquisite place on Earth!  Township 7 started in 2001, and has been thriving ever since!  They have amazing Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs, wines they are famous for, and many more to choose from!  We went inside, and the lady who was guiding our wine tasting was fantabulous!  She explained all of the wines, and gave us some history, and poured away as we enjoyed it all!

We tried Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and others that were so tasty!  Did you know that a Cabernet Sauvignon is just called a “Cab Sav”?  Well, I got a new curl in my brain that day because I had no clue!!!  LOL!  I always said the full two words, but apparently trimming them down to one syllable each is perfectly normal!  Love love love learning new things all of the time!!!

After enjoying a visit, and additional picture taking, we had a bit more wine, and then headed to the second winery!  We arrived to Backyard Vineyards, which was once again a picturesque vineyard with a beautiful wine tasting area, and a very helpful and resourceful representative named Nathalie!  She allowed us to choose our four tastings from the menu, and we very quickly all agreed on the ones we were wanting to try!  You know you’re among a great group of women when you can quickly agree on wine 😉 The first one we tried was a stunning pink rose . . . oh Heaven, I have arrived! It was delicious!  The flavours just swirled around and stuck with you for a little while!  So yummy!!!  My favourite was one called the Nosy Neighbour – it’s funny because we all know that one nosy neighbour don’t we 😉 Backyard Vineyard has been in existence since 2009, and has been creating award-winning wines from 100% BC grapes!  Love love love local!!!

Once we were finished the wine tasting, two of the lovely women of our group treated us to some charcuterie-style plates!  They were filled with yummy treats of cheese, salami, olives, spreads and crackers!  A great little snack for a wee bit of downtime, and a nice little addition to the bottles of wine being shared!  It was so nice sitting in the sunshine, having wonderful conversations and connecting with everyone!

The Lovely Wine Girls

On to the third and final winery . . . Chaberton Estate Winery!  Oh my goodness once again, it was like we were visiting all of these little vineyards in countries far away from us!  So incredible that this is what is around us here in the lower mainland!  Chaberton started in 1991, and has been growing and growing!  They started with only 3,000 cases being produced, and today, they produce over 50,000!  That is definite growth!!!  We had our own private tasting room with a lovely rep named Aaron!  Boy did I ever feel like a celebrity . . . our own private tasting room!  Well call me Marilyn Monroe and pour me another glass!  LOL!  He was very informative about the wine, and shared many great stories with us!  My favourite wine there was called “Bacchus” – so smooth and delectable!

Sadly, it all came to an end, and Andrew, our lovely driver, drove us home!  What a wonderful celebration!  The moments we all shared that afternoon have turned into life long memories that will be looked back on and cherished!  I can’t say it enough . . . the key to life is really to have moments like these, with new and old friends, and to explore adventures together!  I love love love when moments like this can be created!  Happiest of birthdays to you Dee, and thank you for having a birthday and bringing us together . . . it was such a “Fun Friday”!!!

Love love love, LC

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