Silly Sunday!

Life is too short, way too short, and my personal belief is that you need to live every day of your life, not just exist in it!  And I know that we all have every day stresses which add up, and trust me, I wish I could magically snap my fingers and have stress be forgotten for good!  Sadly, I don’t have those magical powers (although sometimes my kids think I do 😉 )!  What I do have though, is a sense of humour, and that comes along with me in my every day life of living . . . and the silliness I get to experience on a daily basis is great!!!  

Being silly is not just what kids do . . . it is having fun, laughing with friends, looking at something that is just an obvious picture but seeing something else that is uncontrollably beyond comprehension, and so much more!!!  I appreciate a sense of humour so much, because without it, truly, life would be so stale and boring!  Imagine hearing a joke, and the punchline leaves you in stitches; you literally feel like you’re going to roll on the ground laughing!  Now imagine that joke again, however this time, with a stone cold face, no emotion, no laughter, no humour . . . just a joke that doesn’t make you react any which way!  Soooooo which of the two would you choose to be your reaction?  I definitely choose door number one!!!  Laughing is proven to alleviate so much stress while triggering endorphins to release in your body!  These are your feel-good chemicals that your body produces naturally!  Now I am going to laugh laugh laugh all of the time because it is medically good for me – doctors orders 😉 

I enjoy my “snap” chats with my friends . . . it isn’t just for teenagers, I promise!!!  It is loads of fun, and when new filters come up every day . . . well let me tell you, I appreciate them and the fun and silliness they provide!!!  The smiles, giggles and hysterical laughs I get out of “snaps” is just exactly what my body appreciates; the endorphins released daily while I snap must be in the millions!  LOL!  Snap Chat is a mobile app you can get that allows you to take pictures and videos of  yourself with or without filters!  These “snaps” self destruct within seconds of sending them; now please understand . . . I do not appreciate this feature!  I will never understand the reasoning behind sending someone a message or “snap” and having it disappear!  It creates so many problems, and allows for an increase in cyber-bullying.  I am not an advocate of this feature at all!  My fun in “snaps” is the pictures and videos that are fun and uplifting with friends and family . . . definitely all about the humour in it, and nothing to do with sending a message that is erased within seconds so that nobody else ever sees it!  Now maybe if I was telling my bestie my crush, but even then, ya I would tell her in person!  I remember many times telling my bestie that Jimmy Fallon was my crush (he may or may not be still!!!)  I loved talking in person and having a greater appreciation for the “in front of me” reaction, rather than nowadays, a text that can be read completely wrong because of tone through words.  I will save this topic for another post . . . the most amazing conversations with other incredible mommas have happened because of this very topic, and we were all in person when we spoke 😉

In a world where you can be anything, be kind and silly

Hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my “snap” pictures . . . and this short little post for the day!  Silly Sunday is always a fun day, and I hope you all had a chance to smile, laugh, giggle, roll on the floor laughing, or any of those combinations today!  Remember, the key to life is to add a little humour . . . the doctor prescribed it 😉

Love love love, LC

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