Monday Mention!

A few years ago, I received one of the most unique gifts on my birthday . . . a Lokai bracelet!  It was one of the best presents ever!!!  I still wear this bracelet daily, and am gifted the reminder of what it stands for every moment of every day!

The Lokai bracelet was designed to always give a friendly reminder to stay humble and stay hopeful!  The black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, signifying the difficult moments experienced through life reminding  you to stay hopeful.  The white bead carries water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, representing life’s highest moments reminding you to stay humble.  This bracelet is the true representation of what humble and balance mean!  It is a daily reminder to always be your authentic self, and to truly make all the moments in life count, whether they are high moments or low moments!  That is the key to life!  Love love love what this stands for!

Stay humble.  Stay hopeful.

I appreciate using the Lokai bracelet in photographs of moments in my life where I always want to remember the balance of it all; the highs and the lows combined making this journey of mine an adventure I will never forget!  

For your very own Lokai bracelet, visit; there are so many to choose from!  And the one thing I absolutely love love love most of all about this company, is there generosity towards incredible causes!  They have made an amazing impact on various charities, raising millions of dollars to fund things such as building schools and having clean water available for those who normally wouldn’t have it.  They are a kind group that wants to do better for this world, and they truly are staying humbled and balanced by doing so!

Love love love, LC

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