Emojis Takeover Trending Tuesday!

Emojis . . . we all use them, that majority of us love them, and quite honestly, they have become a part of our daily communication through texting and messages!  I love love love emojis for the very reason they were created . . . to absolutely show what emotion goes along with the messages being sent 🙂 

Emojis were created by a man named Shigetaka Kurita, who explained that the reason why he created these every day symbols was because attaching one to a message would hopefully assure the reader what the tone of the message being sent actually was.  For example, if I send a text to a friend of mine canceling plans, I may text “Sorry can’t make it”.  Now reading that, the tone that comes off from it is a bit cold, and not kind at all.  But if I add a sad emoji next to it . . . “Sorry can’t make it 🙁 “, it shows that I am genuinely sad that I won’t be able to get together.  It really does make a difference!  Tone through messages can be taken so many different ways, and sometimes really can create confusion, hurt feelings, and anger.  However, I do believe in using emojis, it can create a whole different conversation, and better feelings 😉 The key to a great conversation is being clear, upfront, and honest right?  So emojis really do create that kind of conversation!  Now I love love love emojis, and anyone who messages with me sees how many I use daily; hmmmmmmm, if I had a dollar for every emoji I have used, I would be a multi-billionaire!  LOL!

I always wondered how emojis were created, and Kurita explained that he thought back to his childhood and created images from that; from comic books that he had read, from different symbols he had seen, etc.  He did a great job in my opinion!  I wish I could be part of that creative team, and come up with a few new ones . . . yup, I do like to doodle here and there, and think there are some that are missing that can prove to be quite useful during messages 😉  Apart from the traditional emojis that were created, there have been so many more additions that just liven up conversations . . . I am 100% positive that a whole conversation can be had with these images today!


Take a guess at what I am saying with these emojis . . . 

Leave your answers in the comments and I will let you know if you’re on the right track 😉

Emojis are such a trend, that they aren’t just found on communication devices, but can be found in every day items like clothing, stationary, books, pillow cases, stuffies, etc.!  There is even a movie out now that has all of the emojis in it!  I actually can’t wait to watch it!  Yup, I admitted that!  From a little idea that Kurita had to improve our ways of communicating, came along such a worldwide obsession with these little symbols . . . I am curious to see where else these emojis will pop up!

Love love love, LC


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