Wellness Wednesday!

Who doesn’t love fruit?  Who doesn’t love sweetness?  And who doesn’t love a healthy meal?  Well, sometimes we prefer something other than fruit, but most of the time, a health conscious meal proves to make us feel better, and be better 🙂  Smoothie bowls are a big thing right now, and actually quite healthy!  I hadn’t ever heard of a smoothie bowl before, and I came upon it by complete desperation and I’m glad I did!

I was shopping at the mall, and lunch time came far too quickly!  I dread going to the “Food Court” at malls because 9 times out of 10, there are a lot of unhealthy choices.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love love love a bit of a cheat day with loads of calories, and sweet, savoury and salty treats, but I do try to regularly maintain a healthy lifestyle 🙂 So I decided to give Jugo Juice a try; it is the only one that had fresh fruits and vegetables hanging off the countertop so I thought, hmmmmmm, maybe there is something there 😉

I looked at the menu, and quickly became overwhelmed, and excited, with all of the choices in front of me!!!  I was so surprised at what I was reading . . . all of the ingredients listed under each item, and they were all healthy!!!  And I didn’t know if I was going for a smoothie or smoothie bowl – what was the difference?  The line up was long, and I just wanted something to eat (ya know, shopping can tire a girl out 😉 ) so I decided to order the “Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl”, and I added a Beet Juice to go along with it!  After a bit of a wait, which I didn’t mind because watching them carefully put all of these ingredients in this ‘bowl’ and make it so beautifully appetizing, I grabbed my food and found a spot to sit!

I took off the lid, and just stared at my lunch for what seemed to be an hour!  LOL!  I then proceeded to take a spoonful of this yummy goodness and oh Heaven, I just fell in love with this food!  I completely and utterly get what “foodies” feel now!!!  The foods appearance, taste, texture, and everything about it is taken into consideration, and I, in that moment, titled myself a foodie!  The flavours that burst in my mouth were just the exact right combination, and I still couldn’t believe this was healthy!!!  So delicious . . . the dragonfruit mixed with almond milk, and the bananas, nuts, chia seeds . . . all just a perfect perfect combo!  The beet juice was pretty good too 😉

I came home and did my research on smoothie bowls, and love love love what I found . . . it’s a simple recipe to making your own – you need three things, a base, liquid and toppings!  For your base, you need frozen fruit and a banana.  Then you add some liquid; it can be coconut milk and/or water, almond milk, or cow’s milk.  And finally, you pour your ‘smoothie’ in a bowl and add toppings such as fresh fruit, nuts, granola, chia, hemp or flax seeds, and any spices you like!  It’s really that simple!  I actually tried making a few at home and was very successful!!!  To one of them, I added almond milk to some frozen raspberries and a banana, blended it all up, poured it into my bowl, and added some fresh banana slices, fresh blackberries, chia seeds, and some toasted granola with macadamia nuts!  So so so delish!!!  

If any of you have any tried and true smoothie bowl recipes, I would love love love to hear about them!  I am super excited to keep trying all different variations and keep being healthy, well, most of the time 😉

Love love love, LC

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