Fries Before Guys ;)

Today was an adventure and a good one . . . we ended up at Spud Shack!  Oh this place is just pure perfection!  I say this because it has the key to what every restaurant should be . . . versatile!  It is the kind of little gem that upon entering, you could picture having lunch with your buddies, having a family dinner with your children, getting a bite to eat with your Grandma, or flying solo and eating a delicious meal while perusing social media apps on your phone!  It has that feel to it . . . anyone and anytime can feel like they are in the perfect place, with the perfect food!

Spud Shack opened it’s doors in December of 2013, and has been going strong ever since!  It is known for its delicious poutine combinations, plus other items that are definitely worth trying!  Dan Close is the hero in my eyes . . . my poutine hero 😉 Close is a Red Seal chef and triathlete, and every time he would run a marathon or bike ride, he would reward himself with a plate of fries!  Now that sounds like something to look forward to; I would exercise for fries 🙂 One day, on one of his bike rides, he came up with the idea of making his own fries . . . he wanted something better than greasy, frozen, deep fried fries . . . he wanted something special!  Well, he created something special alright . . . the perfect fries!  The perfection of the fries is all in the way they are prepared; 100 pounds of potatoes are cut up late at night by Close’s crew, and are soaked in cold water (with the skin still on) overnight and then drained and blanched in the morning for an hour.  Once these potato strips hit the frier, they will cook evenly because of this process!  They are then cooled, and they take a little rest until they are ordered up, and then deep fried and added to a recipe chosen by the customer!

Buffalo Chicken Poutine

You can enjoy simple plain fries, in a paper cone that can be nestled into a little hole in the table where you can sit, eat, and taste the goodness out of each morsel of a fry!  There are also different poutine options, which is what makes Spud Shack famous . . . there is Original (fries, cheese curds, and gravy), Butter Chicken (marinated chicken thighs simmered in creamy tomato sauce, cucumber raita, and cilantro), “Baked Potato” (bacon, sour cream, green onions), “Big V” (vegetarian chilli, sour cream cheese blend, green onion), Buffalo Chicken (breaded chicken, Franks hot sauce, ranch dressing, green onion), and the “Squealer” (pulled pork and bbq sauce).  These are just a few, but there are many more to choose from!  Is your mouth watering yet?  There are also burgers, sandwiches, salads, and sharing items on their menu . . . check them out at!  And guess what?  Wait for it . . . wait for it . . . they also have vegan options!!!  Yes you read that correctly!!!  This is why I feel this is the best little gem around; it really caters to everyone!!!

The staff is also super friendly and so lovely!  Love love love when you encounter that!  And I am little biased, the hostess who was incredibly kind is named Lisa!  Yup, Lisa’s are pretty fantabulous 😉  She was so great, and what I loved the most was her energy!  She was the first person we chatted with upon entering the restaurant, and she set the tone to what was a great visit!  Love when that happens!!!  I loved watching the chef making all of the food; it was like I had the opportunity to sit in the viewing gallery of a show on the Food Network – he was that good!!!  The open concept of the kitchen is pretty incredible, and my favourite thing to have read while watching him cook, was their sign below the counter where you pick up your food . . . “leave your dishes on the table and we’ll love you even more!”  A way to a mom’s heart . . . not having to do anything with dishes while out for dinner with my kidlets!  LOL!  

Spud Shack is located at the New West Sky-Train Station, on the Eastbound platform, directly above Safeway!  It is worth the trip if you don’t live close by; I promise you will not be disappointed!  And Spud Shack is licensed, so if you want to stop in for a beer and some fries, even better 😉 All I can say is bring your appetite, your stretchy pants, and your curiosity because you will be in poutine heaven!  And I promise you will leave with a full tummy, and plenty of smiles!  I know I will be going back again and again, and again!!!  Thank you Dan Close for creating the perfect fries, and having your vision come to life!!!

Love love love, LC


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