Ageless Mind!

How old are you?  Is that a rude question or is that just someone being curious?  When has age become such a taboo topic?  I believe that your age is just a number; it’s how long you have been on this Earth and that’s it!  The real indicator of what drives you in life is how old you feel mentally . . . I have always felt like I am still in my 20’s!  Yes, sometimes I do act like a little old lady getting out of bed in the morning, and my mind tells me that I’m still a young 23 year old who is ready to start the day and grab life to it’s fullest!!!  

I was asked recently how old I am and I said “53”!  Now the look on the persons face was priceless . . . “Wow, you look great for 53!” Why yes, yes I do!  LOL!  I told them I was totally kidding and then I revealed my true age, and again, just thought, why is that important?   Why do we put ourselves in such a funk about our age?  Oh Lordy this is 40!  What is wrong with 40?  I am actually embracing my 40s and truly enjoying the start of them!  I definitely feel so young at heart, and love love love that my mind allows that little fib to occur 😉  Yup, Lisa, you surely are 23!  LOL!

I don’t define old as “crotchety, grey haired and wrinkly”; I would define old as knowledgable, wisdom, and a bucket full of experiences!  When we reach the point in our lives that we know we are about to reach that destination we all are guaranteed, I want to look back and remind myself that I lived a great life, and didn’t just exist in it!  I lived with my body, my mind and my heart . . . no number attached to that!  Just a simple, fun, happy life full of love, smiles, and family and friends all around me!  

How old do you feel?  What does your mind tell you that you are?  Answer in the comments – I would LOVE to hear about you 🙂

Remember, the key to feeling young is staying young, with your mind!  And a few wrinkle-free creams help the situation too 😉

Love love love, LC

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