Dessert before dinner? I say YES!!!

What does BC Children’s Hospital and Dairy Queen have in common?  Well, more than you think!  They are all about helping kids, and what they do is beyond our imagination!

Every year, Dairy Queen has “Miracle Treat Day” . . . this year it is on Thursday August 10th!  On this special day, net proceeds from every Blizzard Treat sold at participating Dairy Queen locations will be donated to local Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals. Every single day, more than 4,000 children visit a Children’s Miracle Network member hospital.  Since 1984, Dairy Queen and Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals have joined together to help with life-saving treatments to kids from across the United States and Canada!  It truly is a miracle that they have been able to raise over $125 million through all of these donations!  Over $4 million was donated just last year; let’s try and beat that this year!

My heart is a little biased right now because I know of a special little someone who is fighting for his life . . . he is my brave little friend Mitch!  Mitch was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year and has been a brave fighter!  He has shown us what true heroes look like, and he does it with a smile on his face!  This little guy has gone through invasive tests, bloodwork, chemotherapy, and anything under the moon and stars that you can think of to make his fighting body better, and he has done it all with a cheerful attitude!  We can learn a few things from Mitch 🙂 His amazing family is one that I admire so very much!  They take it one day at a time, fighting right alongside their beautiful boy!  And the most heart filling thing of all is, while they are being brave and helping their little one fight, they are helping to raise awareness for so many other children going through similar journeys.  They are truly amazing people 🙂

Mitch: I hate cancer

Mom: Me too buddy

Mitch: Why I have cancer?

Mom:  Honestly honey, we don’t know

Mitch: Cancer’s stupid

This conversation speaks volumes as to what a true hero Mitch is!  Mitch has been receiving his treatment from BC Children’s Hospital, one of the local Children’s Miracle Network hospital; it is like his second home.  Every trip to the hospital either brings good news, or not so good news, depending on his levels for the day.  August 25th, 2019 is when he will finish his treatment.  He has a ways to go, and he has already been on such a journey.  BC Children’s Hospital has been a pivotal place for his journey.  They have provided a safe and friendly place for Mitch while he undergoes numerous treatments.  There is always a playroom stocked with toys to keep his smile more vibrant than ever!  The doctors and nurses are incredibly connected to the families and the children, and it is them that make the unbearable become a wee bit more bearable.  Any donation to BC Children’s Hospital helps keep this kind of environment, staff and journey a better one.  

This Thursday, on Miracle Treat Day, Mitch has his monthly IV chemo and will also be undergoing a lumbar puncture.  A lumbar puncture consists of a needle being pushed into the spinal canal, where cerebral spinal fluid is drawn out, and then tested for cancer cells.  Chemo is then injected into the spinal canal to treat cells as well as his brain. It definitely will be a rough day for our little hero. Mitch will be asleep during this process, and will need to rest at least an hour after.  He will then be given ‘factor replacement drugs’ to prevent bleeding due to his hemophilia.  This will be Mitch’s 13th lumbar puncture procedure.

I am writing this today to please ask you to go to your local participating Dairy Queen this Thursday, and while Mitch is going through this heart-wrenching unimaginable procedure, you and your family can think of him, and buy Blizzard Treats in honour of him!  Mitch, and his brother Nelson, love love love Oreo Blizzards, so if that is one of your favourites, grab a few and remember you are helping Mitch and the many others who rely on BC Children’s Hospital . . . their lives depend on it!

This post is dedicated to you Mitch . . . may you always know how much of a hero you are in my eyes, and how much this world loves you, to infinity and beyond!

Love love love, LC

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  1. Wonderful blog Lisa. We just had a friend in Children’s as well. He broke his back in 7 places. Due to the incredible team there, he’s up and walking and back in Whistler just two weeks later. They really are miracle workers.

    1. Thank Kerri! BC Children’s Hospital is amazing! I am so glad your friend is doing well, and walking again! I love love love hearing stories like this 🙂

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