Refreshing Afternoon with Parkside Brewery!

What to do on a Wednesday afternoon while your husband is home from work, and your kids are with their friends?  Well, you go have a beer of course 😉

Parkside Brewery is where we chose to meet with some friends, and have a fun afternoon!  Parkside is located in Port Moody, on “Brewer’s Row”, right across the street from Rocky Point Park!  It literally was named because of the park!!!

Upon entering Parkside, it is very evident that this brewery is for everyone!  It rings true to what it stands for that it is one of the breweries that has a backyard feel to it while enjoying the sunshine outside sitting at one of their old school style picnic tables, a basement feel while enjoying some shuffle board that is to the left upon entering (and they have a video arcade game too), a pub style feel while sitting outside on the front patios while your dog enjoys the area provided for pets, and a home away from home style while sitting inside looking at the tile used for the backsplash and it reminding you of a kitchen that once was!  Sitting at this brewery truly made me feel at home; the sights and sounds of music playing, people chatting, kids giggling and dogs barking all made it what Parkside represents . . . the epitome of what a brewery should be . . . inviting for everyone 🙂 

I ordered a “flight of beers” to taste; this makes it fun because if you don’t want to commit to a full glass that you have never tried, this is your passage way!!!  Grab four different beers and let your taste buds lead the way!  I shared my “flight” with my friend, so I was excited to sample two of the four!

The first I tried was a guest beer from Howe Sound . . . a Blueberry Wheat Ale!  Oh my goodness gracious this beer was divine yumminess!  My taste buds did a little dance 😉 I enjoyed the hint of blueberry and that it wasn’t an overwhelming sweet beer! Definitely a two thumbs up! I could see this being a favourite of mine for the summer season 😉

The second beer I tried was the Dim Wit Belgian Witbier . . . it is a definite refreshing summer beer!  It’s light with good flavour for those who don’t necessarily like a “hoppy” beer, and goes down quite smoothly!

I am by no means a beer connoisseur but boy oh boy do I ever want to be!  I didn’t like beer before . . . it was always a bitter taste and it all tasted similar!  Now mind you, it was not your craft beer; it was your average big brewery “no flavour” beer for the sake of drinking beer!  I am love love loving craft beer – the creative minds behind Parkside Brewery beer have created the epitome of what beer is, and the attention to taste and quality sure shows when you see it poured from the tap with the colour shining through!

And one little thing that I definitely saw that I absolutely loved was the bathroom decals on the doors!  I’m all about detail and these did not go unnoticed . . . 

My goal is to visit more breweries and learn all about how beer is crafted, and the process involved!  I can’t wait to share those adventures with you!  Do you have a  favourite brewery I should visit?  Let me know in the comments (just click on the title above to do so)!  Here is “hopping” to find more breweries and tasty beers ahead!

Love love love, LC


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