It’s Been A Slice!

A party without CAKE is just a meeting!

Those words spoken by Julia Child couldn’t be truer!!!  Cake is one of the most versatile foods that has a place in all of our hearts, and a place at every table!  Whether it is to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, have as a pick-me-up because of a “moosh” day you’re having, or to enjoy just because!  Cake always makes it better!

Now the reason I am writing about cake is because I had the best and most funniest (yes I realize that is not an actual word but I love love love it and will continue using it 😉 ) moments out tonight with a few of my best friends!  We were at Orrange (a great little restaurant in Port Coquitlam . . . I will write a blog post about it one day in the near future 🙂 ) having some appies with drinks, and enjoying seeing each other because sometimes the summer months make it a little more difficult to just get away and visit!!!  This restaurant is the perfect place to just relax, have some great food, and feel like your miles away from your little bubble 😉

We had finished our food and drinks, and the most loveliest waitress asked if we wished to have dessert . . . well, ummmmm YES!  I asked what they offered and as soon as she said “Strawberry Shortcake”, I belted out “I’ll take one of those!” I was so excited to try this delicious sounding cake!!!  Upon arrival of my dessert, it looked divine!  The cake was perfectly cut in a triangle, and the fresh strawberries sat on top of a heaping pile of whip cream . . . is your mouth watering yet???  And there was chocolate sauce drizzled on the cake and plate . . . or what I thought was chocolate sauce 😉

I took a bite of this delectable looking cake . . . hmmmmm, strange tangy jolt in my mouth, so I tried another bite!  Again, a little zangy sting on my tongue . . . has the whip cream gone bad, I thought to myself?  Now I thought I was going a little mad when I took a third bite, and it was not sweet, or tasty . . . just quite sour!!!  So I asked my girlfriend . . . “Can you please just try this sauce?”  She tried it, and yep, same reaction!  It was balsamic vinegar!!!  Now, the reason I was getting such a punch of this vinegar is because me thinking it was chocolate sauce, I was smearing tons of it all over my fork and piece of cake and then trying to relish it all in one big bite!  LOL!

The waitress came over and I asked her if she could please let me know what this was!  She was also shocked that balsamic vinegar would be on a cake!  She took it back to the kitchen, and we waited!  Bless her heart . . . she came back and let me know that she had spoken to the kitchen manager and he had said that it was supposed to be a balsamic reduction!  What???  Serious???  For realzies???  I was laughing so hard at this point, and so was she!!!  I definitely have heard of strawberries in balsamic vinegar – they are quite tasty . . . but never with cake and whip cream!  LOL!  So needless to say, I didn’t go any further with the cake – we parted ways and ended our cake/love relationship!  Maybe my palette isn’t so fine . . . I blame it on my choice of ribs and poutine to start 😉 Yes, this was a great “cheat” night!

Orrange was absolutely wonderful about the whole thing, and we just giggled at it!  I am grateful to have made some memories tonight and to have learned that sometimes it’s okay to try new things, and not like them so much 😉 LOL!

Love love love, LC

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