Bonnie Tyler was with me this morning!!!

Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I’m only falling apart . . . and there’s nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart!

Okay who sang that while they read it?  LOL!  Yup, that was me this morning, singing Bonnie Tyler’s lyrics to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while watching the 2017 Solar Eclipse!  Now, I did try to use different words to suit the day, but either way, my boys were just looking at me like “Ummmm, what happened to Mom?”  Hahahahaha, I guess they didn’t hear my Celine Dion-esque voice at all 😉

What a huge buzz about the solar eclipse today . . . everyone around was so excited, and it was all over the television, internet, radio . . . everywhere!  Kind of cool that the last time this happened was 38 years ago, on February 26th, 1979!  I was just two years old; I totally remember it!  LOL!  Just kidding – I absolutely don’t remember it!  And I can guarantee my mom kept me indoors, closed every window and drew every curtain so that I wouldn’t look directly at the sun and scorch my retinas!!!  I am so glad that the last couple of days have had multiple warnings of what could happen if you look directly at the eclipse without proper eye protection!  It is scary to think that your eyes could get so damaged 🙁 Fortunately most of us have the means to see all of these warnings so hopefully nobody harmed their eyeballs today!

I saw a project on Pinterest (gosh I love love love Pinterest) that would allow us to see the eclipse while having our backs to the sun and moon!  It was fairly easy to make . . . all we needed was two pieces of white cardstock, some aluminum foil, tape and a pin! 

Easy peasy instructions:

Cut a hole in the middle of one of the pieces of cardstock.

Tape a piece of aluminum foil over the hole.

Make a tiny hole in the middle of the aluminum foil with a pin.

Take your two pieces of cardstock outside (the plain one and the one with the aluminum foil).

Place the plain piece of cardstock against a surface (we used our garage door).

Hold the piece of cardstock with aluminum foil to face the plain piece of paper (your back should be to the sun).

You will see the solar eclipse happening right in front of your eyes on the plain piece of paper!

It was so incredible to see this happening!  I love love love science and all it holds!  It amazes me that we get to experience things like this . . . I was so happy my boys and their friends were outside watching with me, and being excited about it too!  The next time we will be able to see another total eclipse is April 8, 2024 . . . not bad, I think I’ll still be ticking and alive and well 😉 But sadly, it will not be visible in Western Canada; the next time Vancouver will see another will be in the year 2771!  Hmmmmmm, I think I might be non-existent by then 😉 Soooooo I am very happy I got to witness this today!!!  Hope you did too!

Love love love, LC


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