“Donut” Worry, Be Happy :)

“Donut” let anyone tell you that summer is almost over!!!  I am going to live in denial for a little longer, and not believe that the first of September has approached us so quickly!  And to celebrate this denial, I decided a little adventure would do the trick 😉

Cartems Donuterie . . . have you heard of them?  If you haven’t, well, let me tell you, you soooooooo need to get to one!  I can’t even begin to put into words just how incredibly delicious these donuts are . . . but I will try!

It all started when Jordan Cash, owner of Cartems Donuterie, had a dream of opening up a donut shop!  Simple as that!  I, and many millions of others, are grateful that he had that dream because there are now three Cartems Donuterie locations for us all to enjoy these delicious creations!  All of Cartems donuts are made daily from scratch, are free of trans-fat, and even their glazes and fillings are natural!  They even have vegan and gluten-free options – seriously, they are incredible!!!

What’s even more amazing?  The vibe the space gives you . . . we walked in and right away it was instant happiness!  Yes, I saw the donuts first, and that made my smile huge, but I promise, just being in there for a few seconds, it was pure joy!  I looked around and the coolest thing was there were so many different people of all different ages!  That’s when you know you’ve come to the right place; it truly is for everyone!!!  Cartems motto is about three things: “smiles, conversations and donuts” and all three definitely were happening when we walked in!  There were two little old ladies as sweet as the donuts, hanging out choosing some donuts!  There was a younger girl on her laptop, probably finishing up a blog, or a paper for school, and there were a variation of all other ages of individuals around, smiling and having conversations while eating a donut!  It was awesome!!!  I met Patrick and Nathan, who worked there, and they were also just so wonderful!!!  They were so kind, helpful, and so patient while we made our choices of which donuts we wanted to try!  As we were drooling, they were so sweet, and never made us feel like we needed to hurry!  We decided to buy a dozen . . . you will too once you go there 😉  And oh my goodness, I promise we didn’t eat them all . . . we had a family of five that day 😉

So we each chose ones that we wanted to devour, and then had a few to “take home” and eat after the children go to bed!  LOL!  I chose the Salted Caramel Donut . . . oh the flavour of this donut . . . you taste the chocolate, and then the hint of salt, and then boom, it all comes together like a beautiful firework in the sky!  So so so bang on in flavours!  (No pun intended 😉 )

My hubby Garth chose the Apple Fritter (which is Jordan Cash’s favourite) . . . he described it as being excellent, with crispy caramelized sugar and fresh apple with cinnamon!  It was perfection for him!  I snuck a bite, and let me tell you, it absolutely was perfection!!!

My mom came along for the adventure and she chose the Smoked Maple Walnut; her description was the best!  She told me it had a nice fresh taste, and it doesn’t taste stale like the “other place”!  LOL!  I totally know exactly what she was talking about, and I bet you all do too!  I love my Italian Mama!  No filter!  She ROCKS!!!  She said that this donut would be a great addition to any coffee!  That’s awesome!!!

So my boys – they are the most unfiltered and will tell me if they LOVE LOVE LOVE something, or if they really dislike something! Love their honesty 😉  So my oldest chose the Original Donut . . . he described it as “original” and so good!  Great words from a teenager! He said, “Knowing that this isn’t ‘bad’ for me makes it even better!”  Yes, he is already planning our next trip to Cartems!  LOL!  He said it had a slightly different taste, but in a really good way; it didn’t taste “fake” or processed!  Super good insight!!!  Loved that he was able to tell the difference!  My youngest chose the Chocolate Glazed; of course he did!  He loves anything chocolate!!!  When I asked him to describe his donut he said, “It is very chocolatey, very messy and you said it was healthier for me so can I please have two?” LOL!  Again, love the honesty from my kids’ mouths!!!  He said it tasted like an explosion of good taste in my mouth!  Yup, he hears me and my descriptions a lot 😉 So even kids LOVE the healthier donuts!  Win win!!!

Other flavours that we chose were a Coconut Cream Stuffie (this is by far the most delicious of all . . . it is filled with vegan coconut custard and coated in a lychee glaze – are you drooling yet???), Earl Grey Donut, White Chocolate Peach and a London Fog! Seriously, I just want to go back right now!!!  LOL!

I have to say that these donuts are the best I have ever tried!  We hit a bunch of donut shops last summer and tried a few here and there and nothing even comes close to these!  I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to go check out Cartems!  “Donut” ever think we are going anywhere else . . . Cartems, we will be back for sure!!!

Love love love, LC

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