And just like that, it was over!

Summer is over . . . time to officially remember what day of the week it is!

Goodbye summer . . . hello school routines, packed lunches, early mornings, and taxi mom!  LOL!  Wow, summer just flew by in the blink of an eye!  It feels like we had a super long spring break, not a summer vacation at all!  I just can’t believe today was the first day back at school!!!  Well, not exactly the first day back . . . today was just attendance 😉

I always love the first day back; I love love love seeing the boys with their friends, their smiles and their energy!  It is pretty great!  I also, selfishly, love love love seeing my mommy friends and seeing their smiles too!  It is such a great feeling being surrounded by an amazing community!  Love it here so much!!!

I have to admit, the frantic mornings aren’t my cup of tea, but that’s what makes the memories!  We are that family that strives for the routine and structure in the morning, and almost get it 99% of the time!  LOL!  The other 1% is the “hurry up and brush your teeth for the seventeenth time!”  It never fails that the most used sentence in our house is . . . wait for it . . . guarantee you have all said it . . . “We are going to be late!!!”  LOL!  We always make it on time, or earlier . . . I believe time should be respected to the highest level!  And so far so good with our timing, but it’s a habit that we always say it!

Now the packed lunches . . . if there was a super power that I could have, it would be to pack lunches in my sleep so that they would be amazing, healthy and ready for us in the morning!!!  They truly are the thorn in my side!!!  It sometimes is a challenge with what to pack; I totally understand that appetite mood swings are real and exist!!!  Have you ever packed a sandwich in the morning because you felt like it but noon comes around and you look at it and think, “Hmmmmm, don’t really love you right now . . . kinda wish I packed that leftover pasta from last night!”  Ya, all the time!  LOL!  So I get that my little humans have those appetite mood swings too!!!  I am determined this year to make sure that I can find some healthier snacks and meals that will be easy to make, and loved by my boys!  I will keep you posted 😉  And if you have any amazing suggestions, please leave them in the comments . . . I would love to learn!!!

Tomorrow is the first official day of school for my kidlets . . . I am excited to get in the full swing of things again, and know that they will have their friends surrounding them every day for the next 10 months . . . but I am counting down until the next summer vacation 😉 LOL!  I will miss my sleep ins . . . until next year 😉

. . . and all at once, summer collapsed into fall

Love love love, LC


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