Fantabulous Nonni!

“The best part of getting old is having nipoti”

These words spoken are from my wonderful parents!  Those words have never been more true to witness!  I see the love that my parents have for my kids, and I see it on a daily basis!  They could spend the whole day with the kids, and the minute they leave, my parents miss them like crazy!  That is love, deep and fierce love!  My boys are so lucky to experience this love!

Grandparents Day is a special day that allows us to celebrate those who have had the privilege of growing old and seeing their families grow!  I believe grandparents should be celebrated every day . . . I am grateful that my boys have their Nonni to support them, love them, encourage them and spoil them!  It is the most amazing thing to see – the bond between my boys and my parents is one that can never be broken, and one that will definitely live on for many many many years!

I love love love that my kids get spoiled by their Nonni!  We love seeing the appreciation that they have when they are around their Nonni . . . there is no expectation, just appreciation!  That is the key – always reminding the future generation to most definitely appreciate what they get, rather than expect it.  The world doesn’t owe them anything . . . rather, the world is there for the taking!  And I love that my parents have a part to play in teaching my boys this!

Nonni ti vedano nascere sapendo che forse ti lascera prima degli altri . . . forse e per questo che ti ama piu degli altri!

Grandparents see you being born knowing that they may leave you before all others . . . maybe that’s why they love you more than all of the others!

I have enjoyed these last 14 years watching my parents become Nonni, and enjoy every minute!  The moments they have had that have turned into memories have been priceless!  All the moments like Nonno teaching all about the garden to Nana teaching all about the cooking . . . it’s incredible to watch!  I appreciate all the time and energy, and patience, given and I will never forget it! Here is to many more moments and adventures . . . I love love love that we have the opportunity to create them together!  

Love love love, LC

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