Fun Friday . . . oops, I mean Super Saturday!

I’m baaaacccckk!!!!  I missed writing a blog yesterday for my Fun Friday, and let me tell you, there was a very good reason, and it rolls right into Super Saturday!  I had the most fun yesterday, and I am ‘super’ excited to share my adventure with you all!

The Birthday Girl, DeeDee, and I

My dear friend DeeDee is turning 50, and for her celebration, her husband organized a beautiful wine tour!  Who doesn’t love wine, wine with friends, and a wine tour?  Uh-huh, that’s what I thought!  😉 I had so much fun, and I can’t begin to say it enough times how much I love love love a good celebration and a good glass of wine 🙂

It all started in the afternoon when we met at DeeDee’s house; everyone was smiling from ear to ear, and just so excited for what the day had in store for us!  Some of us knew each other, and others were just meeting for the first time, and let me tell you, it felt like we all had known each other forever!  The energy was incredible!  And it was all because of a sweet, kind hearted, full of life mutual friend . . . our DeeDee!  The limo bus pulled up, and all of us were so eager to get this adventure going!!!

We took some pictures (of course we did, and as you will see, I took many many many photos, and the birthday girl was very happy I did!) and then loaded up into our air-conditioned ride!  Our limo driver was a kind soul . . . his name was Andrew!  I introduced myself right from the start, and he was super friendly!  He told us we were heading to three wineries, and assured us fun was coming our way!  Well who doesn’t love fun?!?!?!  The drive out there was great!  Chatting with the girls was super fun . . . talking about the birthday girl, any winery tours we have done in the past, and what fun was in store ahead!

We arrived at the first winery . . . Township 7!  At first glance, it was heavenly!  It honestly felt like we had arrived to a vineyard in Italy!  The view was breathtaking!  The grapes, the patio, the sunshine . . . oh it was like we had driven 30 minutes and arrived to the most exquisite place on Earth!  Township 7 started in 2001, and has been thriving ever since!  They have amazing Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs, wines they are famous for, and many more to choose from!  We went inside, and the lady who was guiding our wine tasting was fantabulous!  She explained all of the wines, and gave us some history, and poured away as we enjoyed it all!

We tried Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and others that were so tasty!  Did you know that a Cabernet Sauvignon is just called a “Cab Sav”?  Well, I got a new curl in my brain that day because I had no clue!!!  LOL!  I always said the full two words, but apparently trimming them down to one syllable each is perfectly normal!  Love love love learning new things all of the time!!!

After enjoying a visit, and additional picture taking, we had a bit more wine, and then headed to the second winery!  We arrived to Backyard Vineyards, which was once again a picturesque vineyard with a beautiful wine tasting area, and a very helpful and resourceful representative named Nathalie!  She allowed us to choose our four tastings from the menu, and we very quickly all agreed on the ones we were wanting to try!  You know you’re among a great group of women when you can quickly agree on wine 😉 The first one we tried was a stunning pink rose . . . oh Heaven, I have arrived! It was delicious!  The flavours just swirled around and stuck with you for a little while!  So yummy!!!  My favourite was one called the Nosy Neighbour – it’s funny because we all know that one nosy neighbour don’t we 😉 Backyard Vineyard has been in existence since 2009, and has been creating award-winning wines from 100% BC grapes!  Love love love local!!!

Once we were finished the wine tasting, two of the lovely women of our group treated us to some charcuterie-style plates!  They were filled with yummy treats of cheese, salami, olives, spreads and crackers!  A great little snack for a wee bit of downtime, and a nice little addition to the bottles of wine being shared!  It was so nice sitting in the sunshine, having wonderful conversations and connecting with everyone!

The Lovely Wine Girls

On to the third and final winery . . . Chaberton Estate Winery!  Oh my goodness once again, it was like we were visiting all of these little vineyards in countries far away from us!  So incredible that this is what is around us here in the lower mainland!  Chaberton started in 1991, and has been growing and growing!  They started with only 3,000 cases being produced, and today, they produce over 50,000!  That is definite growth!!!  We had our own private tasting room with a lovely rep named Aaron!  Boy did I ever feel like a celebrity . . . our own private tasting room!  Well call me Marilyn Monroe and pour me another glass!  LOL!  He was very informative about the wine, and shared many great stories with us!  My favourite wine there was called “Bacchus” – so smooth and delectable!

Sadly, it all came to an end, and Andrew, our lovely driver, drove us home!  What a wonderful celebration!  The moments we all shared that afternoon have turned into life long memories that will be looked back on and cherished!  I can’t say it enough . . . the key to life is really to have moments like these, with new and old friends, and to explore adventures together!  I love love love when moments like this can be created!  Happiest of birthdays to you Dee, and thank you for having a birthday and bringing us together . . . it was such a “Fun Friday”!!!

Love love love, LC

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Try It Thursday!

Today was an adventure . . . a Vegan adventure!  For a while I have been reading quite a bit of literature on a plant-based lifestyle, and how tremendously beneficial it is to ones health.  Well, I’m always up for trying something healthy, and if it works, even better!  So I decided to visit an organic market and browse the vegan options!  Let me tell you, there are plenty, and I was so surprised!  I was curious to see if a vegan lifestyle could work for me and my family, and my answer may surprise you!

I picked up some vegan items, and I loved loved loved that each had labels like “vegan, non-gmo, dairy free, gluten-free, organic”!  This definitely won points with me right from the beginning!  Then I started reading the ingredients and this is what made me smile from ear to ear, all the way to the back of my ponytail . . . I could actually pronounce these words!!!  They weren’t words that were so out of this universe, that even a genius can’t pronounce them!  They were simple words, like coconut, raisins, and nothing else!  Just easy peasy ingredients!  Love love love that!!!

I came home and one of my best friends dropped by and did a taste test with me!  Now let me tell you, that was an adventure on its own!  Love love love spending time with my Sarah, and having the bravery to try new food items together, and giggle as much as we did, well, that was the bestest adventure of the day!

We started with a drink, cause who doesn’t like to start a taste test with a drink!  It is called GT’s Synergy Organic and Raw Guava Goddess Kombucha!  Now upon opening it, my nose twisted and turned, and the smell was strong!  It smelled like vinegar, and it felt like my wee little nose hairs had been burned off!  Oh boy Sarah and I were in for a treat!  LOL!  So we bravely clinked glasses and just went for it!  It was smooth, and going down wasn’t too bad, however, the after taste, well that was something else!  Yuck!  It just lingered! And then lingered some more!  So we did a little research to see what Kombucha could offer us if we drank it . . . well the benefits were incredible!  Kombucha, to my understanding, is made by fermenting sweet black or green tea with yeast culture and bacteria!  I know, sounds gross right?  It offers a ton of vitamins, is a great source of probiotics, and helps to cleanse the body while supporting a healthy immune system!  It is also known to give extra energy, and to help with fatigue!  Now that is something us mommies can use!  And now we don’t mind the drink!  And in Sarah’s words, “Vodka can save this drink!”  That will be another try it Thursday 😉 It comes in all sorts of different flavours so I’m willing to try to find one I can really learn to love, especially if it is this good for me!

Next we tried Pulse Kitchen’s Sharp Cashew Cheddar spread!  We tried it on organic rice crackers . . . and let me tell you, it wasn’t a favourite of ours!  Once opened from the package, it looked like a little something a newborn baby would leave after a midnight feeding!  Remember the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” . . . well this applies here!  Let’s not judge the taste by it’s appearance!  We definitely were going to give it an honest go!  We spread it on to the organic rice cracker and once again, bravely had a test!  Now I shouldn’t say it was disgusting or gross, because it honestly wasn’t.  I think it was the cheddar flavouring that wasn’t a hit!  We both agreed we were willing to try different flavours, and would probably eat it again because it was super healthy!  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the benefits of cashews and it being  turned into a spread that can be eaten as a light snack, well, I am willing to try it again!

We moved on to Banana Joe Crispy Thin Banana Chips, sea salt flavour!  Well we were impressed!  They looked and smelled great, just like a regular bag of chips!  So we attempted to try them, and lo and behold, they were a hit!!!  So yummy, and flavourful!  As Sarah put it, “These would be a great snack for work, but not for watching the Bachelorette!”  My sentiments exactly!!!  They are definitely a great work snack that you can easily tuck into your purse or lunch bag!  They are light enough that you don’t feel that heaviness in your tummy after having some chips . . . okay after having the whole bag of chips!  You know I’m telling the truth here 😉 LOL!  They were for sure two thumbs up!

We decided to pair up two products that I purchased . . . Yoso’s Premium Creamy Cultured Coconut (unsweetened) and Prairie Naturals Superfoods Organic Coconut Chips (with organic cranberries, nuts and seeds).  Now let me tell you . . . both these items alone were incredible, and together, well it was like what brunch would taste like in Heaven!!!  So so so delicious!!!!!  We didn’t want to stop “trying” these food items! The cultured coconut is a great alternative to yogurt; it has the same consistency and is so fantabulous on it’s own or paired with whatever additions you could imagine, like granola, fruit, etc.!  And having a handful of the coconut chips was the perfect snack for watching the Bachelorette!  We found our perfect comfort food 😉 

We saved the best for last . . . Coconama Truffles . . . oh sweet sweet sweet truffles!  We tried the dairy free raspberry dark truffles and just like their motto says, “connect people with chocolate”, they achieved that goal!  They just melted in  your mouth, and made our taste buds do a happy dance!  I couldn’t believe something this tasty was actually not bad for us!  Sarah and I had one, and then two, and maybe we went for a third . . . we will never tell 😉

We had another little sip of our Kombucha, and cheered with smiles because it was a great “Try It Thursday!”  I would say I definitely would consider going the route of plant-based for my family when there are this many healthy choices in stores today!  I never would have thought about any of this before speaking to a few friends who have adopted this lifestyle, and after watching a few documentaries on just how beneficial this way of life truly is!

I am always willing to try new things and visit new places!  I am looking forward to sharing in my “Try It Thursdays”, and taking you all along for the adventure!  I hope you’ll join me, and possibly try new things too!  I thank Sarah for my first one; the key to trying new things for me is that it is so much more fun when you get to do it with family and friends!

Love love love, LC




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Wellness Wednesday!

Health . . . whenever I hear that word, I get nervous, scared, and curious all at the same time!  Health is such an important factor in our lives, and I find it is something that most of us either take for granted and never think about, or we think about it too much and have many issues/illnesses that don’t make us sleep well at night!  Sadly, I feel there are so many different directions to a healthy lifestyle, and it confuses the majority of us!  I would much rather be properly informed and educated with what is good for us, what feeds our bodies, and what will allow us to live our lives to the best healthiest potential possible!  I want to live to see my grandchildren; better yet, I want to live to see my great grandchildren!

To live a healthy life, I believe it all starts with how we treat the inside of our bodies first!  Our minds, our bodies, and everything to do with our balance of both.  Other factors play a part, for sure, but I do believe treating your body from the inside out is the key to having a long life 🙂

Here is my story of how I have been able to find a product that I love love love so much . . . and please note, I am not a medical professional, I am not being paid/sponsored to write about this, and I am not saying what works for me will work for you . . . all I can offer is my story and my experience, and hopefully if it resonates with you, you can have a story and experience like mine too 🙂

I have always felt “floggy” – my interpretation of that word is “not clear minded”.  I always felt forgetful, never clear, and always like I was drifting in a fog and not able to bust out of it.  I know after having children, ‘mommy brain’ set in; yup, I would forget the very reason I left the kitchen to go to my bedroom . . . “what did I come in here for?” would be the typical statement throughout the day!  But that all changed the day I started a relationship with Allysian!!!  Love love love Allysian!

Apolo Ohno and Rod Jao

What is Allysian?  How do I even pronounce that?  Well, quite simply it is an amazing company that creates incredible products to help our bodies from the inside out!  It “redefines possible”!  Rod Jao and Apolo Ohno founded Allysian, and alongside a diverse team of individuals, created products that would help to create life long wellness!

Allysian offers products such as Mastermind, Genesis, Sinless, Omega, Elements, Smartkids, Rise and Symphony  . . . all products that have gone through extensive studies and research to be the best for your mind and body!  I used Mastermind for the first time last year, and all I can tell you is by day three, my “floggy” state had disappeared and a new sense of awareness and clarity had come to light!  I did not ask the typical statement of my day anymore; I knew exactly what I was thinking and remembering!  It was such an amazing feeling!  Now, was I a skeptic?  Absolutely!  Did I think this was mind over matter (literally 😉 LOL), YES!  As days went by, I started realizing, this is definitely concrete, and I felt a new lease on life!  Mastermind is made with unique, potent and proven herbal and botanical extracts from around the world and created to help you perform your best!  It is a cognitive support formulation that allows you to strive in any arena of your life, at any stage!

After Mastermind totally worked for me (I still take it to this day), I started taking Elements for her; these vitamins have the highest quality ingredients combined to provide the essentials needed daily for the best health!  Some ingredients are organic super foods like matcha, spirulina, kale, and beets!  There are no fillers, unnecessary synthetic binders, or excipients.  Everything in there is exactly what your body needs to maximize your body during the day!  

Sinless is another favourite product that I have tried, and definitely love love love!  It is a chocolate that is infused with the Mastermind Matrix Blend!  Now who doesn’t love chocolate?  And chocolate that is good for you?  Well sign me up, and take my order, because I will be happy to eat one or two pieces daily!!!  It is a healthy snack, and helps enhance overall brain and whole body health!  Yum and yay!!!

Smartkids is a plant based multi-vitamin gummy that my kids love taking every morning!  Before Smartkids, I used to give my boys vitamins because that’s what you’re supposed to do!  LOL!  But I never truly looked at the ingredients; I would just inquire from other mommy friends what vitamins they were giving their kids, and I would make my decision on that!  When I found out what was in the vitamins, I stopped immediately!  I did my research and found that Smartkids are plant based, contain no artificial preservatives, additives, colour or sweeteners, and is free of most common allergens!  And they contain zero sugar . . . yes, you read that right . . . zero sugar!  It is hard to find yummy vitamins to give to kids nowadays, and especially ones that would be considered healthy, but I need to look no further because I found the vitamins that make me sleep peacefully at night 🙂 

And for the latest product from Allysian . . . drum roll please . . . Rise!  Rise is an ultra premium 100% organic arabica coffee!  It is so delicious, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  I have had two today, and I feel invigorated!!!  It is like no coffee I have ever tried!  It goes down so smooth, and is enjoyed hot or cold!  I love iced coffee, so I have enjoyed one to two cups that last couple of days in this blazing heat!  And I am drinking coffee that is healthy for me!  It is a coffee creation that stimulates the production of neuroprotective  factors, including brain derived neurotrophic factor, that are vital to learning, memory, and complete brain health!  Wowza, you had me at coffee and health!  

There are many more products that Allysian offers, and the ones I have written about above are just a few of my favourites!  They have been life changing for sure, and I hope everyone in their life can have clarity, health and longevity!  That is my goal, and my plan, and Allysian is definitely a part of that!  Wellness wishes to you all 🙂

Love love love, LC

Please note:  the above story is my story, and my story alone.  It is not sponsored at all by Alllysian, and in no way, shape or form, intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It truly is to share an experience with an amazing product I have found!  If you want any information, comment or send me a message . . . I am always happy to share more 🙂

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Trending Tuesday!

Image by Alex Young via

So what’s trending in the social world today . . . well I will give you a hint . . . it has something to do with a creature that lives beneath the ocean and a human that has defeated all obstacles to become a very decorated American Olympian!  Any guesses?  I’m sure if you aren’t living under a rock, you have heard about the ‘race of the year’ . . . Michael Phelps racing a Great White Shark!  Well, I honestly can’t believe how much buzz is being created about this story, and it’s not even about the race outcome!  Michael Phelps came in two seconds under a Great White Shark!  Ummmmmm, that’s unbelievable!  The strength and speed a shark has is unlike any human, and for Michael Phelps to come super close to that, well, why are we not celebrating that accomplishment?

If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.  Michael Phelps

Sadly, instead of celebrating an incredible achievement, most people are concentrating on the fact that Phelps did not “really” race a Great White Shark!  Okay, firstly, who would ever be able to talk to a shark and say, “Hey listen buddy, we need you to tread water for a wee bit while we set up all of the cameras, and make sure it’s right before the start line!  Please don’t talk to Phelps; he is in his zone and needs to focus!  Now when we blow the whistle, you stay on your side and Phelps will stay on his, and then you race until the end, and good luck!  Got it shark buddy?”  SERIOUSLY?  Would that ever happen?  Maybe in the movies, with a robotic shark – yup, I could totally envision that!  And Phelps is a son, husband, father . . . why on earth would he voluntarily say, “Ya, let me see what happens; put me in the middle of the ocean with Sammy the Shark!”

Image by Alexander Haro via

This was a ‘true’ test to what a race would be between human and shark!  So this is how it worked . . . scientists created a computer-generated image of the Great White Shark racing using the speed data they collected!  Now that is pretty impressive!  To be able to do that and have millions of people watch, well that is entertainment right there!  It kicked off the epic Shark Week, and in all the promoting that Phelps had done, he was very clear that we would not be racing a real shark!  Again, he was very clear about this!

Now the impressive part is that the shark swam 100 meters in 36.1 seconds and Phelps swam the same distance in 38.1 seconds . . . seriously, 2 seconds behind a Great White Shark!!!  Who can even conceive this?  And we are all worried about it being a computer-generated image???  We aren’t celebrating and screaming words of praise that this Olympian swam 100 meters in 2 seconds less than the beast of the ocean???  I just am so baffled that this is the news I woke up to today on all social platforms!

Let’s keep this in perspective . . . the key to achieving your goals and dreams is to have the belief in yourself that you can accomplish anything, but you also need the support system around you!  Let’s remember what Michael Phelps has accomplished in his lifetime so far, and let’s celebrate the fact that he did this, and that it is so so so incredible!  And for all the people who are upset about the “race”, how about you go jump into the ocean and race a shark, and we promise we will be right there watching with millions as we hold our breath to see if you will be dinner for the night 😉

So many people along the way, whatever it is you aspire to do, will tell you it can’t be done.  But all it takes is imagination.  You dream.  You plan.  You reach.  There will be obstacles.  There will be doubters.  There will be mistakes.  But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are not limits.  Michael Phelps

Job well done Michael Phelps, job well done!  Now can we meet so I can get an autograph?  😉

Love love love, LC


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Monday Mention!

Berry picking has been part of our summers for the better of 10 years now, and it is always a favourite day that we look forward to!  We venture out to Krause Berry Farms, located in Langley (6179  248th Street to be exact)!  It is a family owned and operated farm, and it has been around since 1974!  Alf and Sandee Krause sure have done an amazing job expanding this farm, and making what was once a little seed planted grow into something more!

I love love love all that Krause has to offer . . . the U-Pick Berry Fields, the Market, the Bakery, the Estate Winery, the Fresh Family Fun Field, the Cooking School, and so much more!  It is such a incredible farm, and has something for absolutely everyone!  You can take the family out there and make a day of it, you can go for a Friday night date with your partner, or you can go out there with a few close girlfriends and have a wine tasting!

The U-Pick Berry Fields is what we love to do!  We always arrive early in the morning, and bring our own buckets (you are able to bring in your own; just make sure to have them weighed before you go picking, or you can buy containers for $1 each) and then we decide what berries we want to start picking!  They have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries . . . we usually always end up with buckets full of blueberries!  It is best to call ahead before you trek out there to see their availability on berries!  We find the kids love picking their own berries, and are quite happy and proud when their buckets are overflowing!  We love going with family and/or friends, and it always ends up being a fun time!

Once we are done berry picking, and we have paid for our berries, we stroll into the Market and Bakery!  Oh the sweet smell of this section of the farm . . . the baked bread, the fudge, the strawberry pies . . . it is heaven!  Our first stop in the Market is always choosing fudge; we were so excited this time around to have a deal . . . buy three fudge, get the fourth free!  Well, twist our rubber arms, we sure scooped up four pieces of fudge!  The flavours are not disappointing; we chose watermelon, raspberry cream and of course, vanilla and chocolate!  So sweet, and so delicious!  This little shop also offers the sweetest of home decor, goodies and treats that would be so ideal for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or even a “just because” gift!  Such amazing little things to see, and purchase 😉

The Estate Winery is a place that we have said we will go back to for a date night, one night 😉 They offer wine tasting for $5, and if you purchase a bottle of wine, Krause will waive that $5!  They have earned the “Best Fruit Wine of 2017” in the All Canadian Wine Championships 2017, so you bet I will be buying a bottle for their wine!  Can’t wait to try it, and experience that moment!  The key will be just buying one bottle, or maybe two, or three!  LOL!  We have heard amazing things about their Estate Winery and just can’t wait!

Anytime we go to Krause for the day, we enjoy their famous Roasted Corn Pizza!  It is a favourite of ours, and it never disappoints!  You can also buy frozen pizzas that you can gulp up at home; I promise you won’t regret it!  My dad tried it, and he is a foodie critic, and he loved it!  And he is Italian so that says a lot!!!  This year, we also tried their waffles . . . oh Krause waffles – there are no words to describe how delicious these are!  From the homemade waffle batter, to the fruit syrup and berries poured on top, with the dollop of whipped cream, these are waffles you will want to get every time you take a trip to the farm!

Definitely a Monday Mention for sure, Krause Berry Farms is a place you will want to visit again and again and again . . . there is so much more to see and do out there than I have even listed, and it never ever will disappoint you!  From berries to waffles to wine, you will arrive happy and leave happy, and smiling with a full tummy and a mind full of amazing memories!

Love love love,  LC

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A Hole in One!

Sunday Funday . . . mini golf; one more check off the summer bucket list!  We have mini golf on the list every summer, and it is loads of fun!!!  Now I love a challenge, and sometimes mini golf can be a bit of a tackle, however, it always proves to be fun and in the end, that’s all that matters!

Golf – an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle

Playland’s mini golf course has always been a fun course for our family to visit!  It is included in the cost of admission, so that’s a bonus in my books!!!  It is an 18-hole course, and it never disappoints!  Usually, we can get away with 2-3 strokes per hole, and sometimes it even takes 5 or more!  Tricky little buggers 😉

The best is when there are tons of families out and about; you giggle with them, you roll your eyes because sometimes that Dad down the way just won’t give up and it takes a few more hours than minutes, and you take cover because the little toddler is just swinging his golf club all over the place and golf balls are flying about and Mom is yelling to stop and put the balls down!  LOL!  We fit in quite well; we are the family that is loud, laughs, takes lots of photos (yup, I sure do!), and just enjoys the moments!

Love love love, LC

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17 years and counting!

Today, 17 years ago, was a day I will always remember . . . it was my wedding day!  It was filled with so much love, so many smiles, and an incredible amount of magical moments!  Marrying my high school sweetheart Garth was one of the best moments of my life!

Garth and I met many moons ago . . . we were both in Grade 6, and had mutual friends!  I remember seeing his cute smile on the tennis courts of Second Avenue in Prince Rupert!  Now to say it was love at first sight, well my little 12 year old would scream yes, but my 40 year old self now says, that moment was when I met my best friend!  We both went to different elementary schools so we didn’t see each other much at all!  It wasn’t until Grade 8 that we would see each other quite frequently!

Grade 8 came and there was Garth . . . cute as I remembered, but still a boy and still had “cooties”!  LOL!  I wasn’t really interested in having a boyfriend; I was more interested in hanging out with my friends and adjusting to high school life!  He did ask me to be his girlfriend a few times, and every time I politely said, “No, let’s just be friends!”  Goodness, the boy was persistent, but patient 😉

A year had passed, Grade 9 had come and it was fantabulous!  Garth and I were in French class together, as well as most of my close friends!  We would sit and listen to the lesson, and then I would do my work while Garth fooled around . . . remember, I said I would be as transparent as possible, sorry Garth 😉 One day, Garth came over and asked me to smell a piece of paper . . . I thought, hmmmmm, why?!?!?  So me being a little dorky and naïve, I smelled it!  Well, Garth had it horizontal and paper cut me right under my nose!  Did I shriek with pain?  YES!  Did I call him a few names?  YES!  Did I walk out at the bell and not want to ever see him again?  YES, well not really!  LOL!  That night, Garth phoned me for the first time ever . . . he asked if I was okay, and apologized to me.  I told him that was okay, and then we just spoke about our days and things we had in common!  We had great conversations from that point on!

December 3, 1991 . . . at 9:37pm, my world changed . . . Garth asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes!  We were chatting on the phone, my pale green and pink Swatch phone to be exact, and as soon as he said the words, I looked at my clock with a great big smile, and knew I would never forget this moment!  We both got off the phone and I was pacing back and forth in my bedroom thinking, oh boy how do I tell my parents?   I knew I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, and every fiber of my being was going to say no to being ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ but I just didn’t want to say no!

I told my mom in Safeway while she was shopping for groceries; I knew she wouldn’t yell at me in public LOL!  Smart little teenager, right?  She handled it quite well, and of course every Italian teenager dreads the next statement . . . “wait until we get home and I tell your Father!”  And she did!  They were amazing parents . . . guided me, advised me, and supported me!  The one thing I absolutely love love love is that I was able to tell my parents everything, and they were there for me!  Now every girl has her secrets with her best girlfriends, and that is the way it should be, but no time during me growing up did I feel I couldn’t tell my parents everything!

So fast forward many high school, college and university years, we got engaged and got married!  The day of the wedding was like a perfect dream!  I remember all moments as if they were just happening at this very minute . . . the family and friends surrounding us, the dress, the flowers, the church, the reception, the food, the dancing . . . everything and anything was detailed and so completely and utterly Garth and I!  I remember seeing his face while I walked towards him down the aisle in the church with my mom and dad on either side of me . . . that was the magical moment like the day I had met him . . . there was my best friend!

Now 17 years later, 2 children, parent and adult responsibilities . . . this still feels like we are playing “house” and we are still our dorky teenage selves!  I couldn’t be happier with the life we are sharing . . . this journey is definitely an adventure and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else!  Garth is my best friend, my rock, my first love, and my world!  I am so grateful we are partners in this crazy world!  He definitely has the key to my heart, and always will!  Now if we could just go back to our wedding day and enjoy a bit more food, more wine and more dancing, it would be perfect 😉

Loved you then, love you still, always have, and always will

Love love love, LC

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National Junk Food Day

This day, National Junk Food Day, is dedicated to any food that is sweet, savoury or salty!  Now I am not sure if this is worldwide, or just in a specific country, but I am taking it as a day of celebration and going with it!  Today I chose to go to Sticky’s Candy Shop and reminisce about the ‘junk food’ I used to eat as a child, and share them with my boys!

We walked into the store, and it was a colourful palette with a sweet sweet smell of something close to a mix of cotton candy and a chocolate cake!  My mouth was watering, and my eyes were big, and as I walked around the store, I found myself right back to my childhood!  Shopping for candy back then was so easy; you had a handful of pennies and a small selection of candy to choose from!  You bought your candy from the local corner store, and you always were happy with what you got!  Well, today there are candies that are $5 plus, and it’s for the same little amount, and the choices are in the hundreds . . . it isn’t as easy as it once was!  And I wonder why I became so indecisive in my adulthood!!!

I chose four of my favourite candies . . . Nerds, Big League Chew, Taffy and Gold Mine Gum!  Oh those were the candies from the old days 🙂 I remember my mom and Nana buying me some treats, and just love love loving each and every time!  I would savour every morsel of candy in my hand!

All you need is love, maybe a little candy, because life is short so make it sweet

Hope you all have enjoyed your Junk Food Day . . . what sorts of ‘junk food’ do you like to eat?  Share in the comments; I would love to read about it 🙂 And remember, the key to everything is moderation, so we will make sure to not enjoy too much candy, but just enough to make us smile 😉

Love love love, LC


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City of Rainbows

The beautiful sound of rain waking me up this morning was so refreshing!  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of the sunshine, but the rain was a welcoming sound and brought back so many memories for me!  I love love love the rain, and I know that sounds so silly, but I truly do!  But not during soccer season LOL!

Rain has always been a part of my childhood, and the reason I say that is because I grew up in the rainiest city of all time . . . beautiful Prince Rupert!  I say the rainiest city of all time with the upmost respect and love; Prince Rupert has and forever will be a part of my heart!  There are so many reasons Prince Rupert is an incredible little town . . . the nature, the ocean, the community, the people, and absolutely everything else in it!  It was the best city to grow up in, and a beautiful one!  It is referred to as the ‘city of rainbows’ and it forever is a colourful and beautiful city to me, just like a rainbow 🙂

When I was a child, Prince Rupert had around 18,000 people living in it.  It was a little gem of a city, and still is in my opinion!  I loved that so many of my family members were part of this incredible community, and that every where I went, I was always sure to run into an aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.!  It was wonderful!  There was never a day that went by that you didn’t run into someone at the grocery store, at the mall, or on the street; it was a highlight for me because it was impromptu little visits like that that filled my heart daily!

Growing up in a small town meant you needed to be creative with what you did!  I appreciated growing up in a time where technology wasn’t at the forefront of my daily life.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it so very much today as an adult, however I do feel that a balance between technology and having a childhood where you can play and not think about screen time or texting is far more beneficial than going to one extreme or the other!  That will be another blog post, and a discussion in the future 😉

The friends that I grew up with are still my friends, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world!  I met some incredible people growing up in Prince Rupert!  When we were in high school, we would walk/bike/rollerblade around town in the summer time, and have the best fun!  I loved the summer that I learned how to rollerblade; summers in Prince Rupert meant long hours in the day . . . early sunrise and late sunsets, so being outdoors until 11pm wasn’t unheard of!  I remember blading up and down Prince Rupert Boulevard and being so scared yet so excited at the same time!  And now reflecting back, I loved that traffic was minimal . . . we didn’t have to worry about hundreds of vehicles passing us by and the fear of being hit!  The freedom of knowing that only a few vehicles were passing you, and 9 times out of 10 you knew who was in the vehicle, was such a great feeling!  I wish that my children could’ve experienced my childhood, the simplicity, the nature, and the freedom of it all definitely shaped me into who I am today!

I love love love where we live now, especially because it has a small town feel to it!  It is the best compromise I could give my children; a small town with big city life!  And the key to making it work is to create the balance you want, and I believe I have created that for my little family!  I love my neighbourhood, and I love love love the people in it!  This community is like no other (but it does come very close to what I grew up with and I am very grateful for that 😉 ).  I will forever hold Prince Rupert in my heart, and visit as much as I can!  For now, I will appreciate the rainy days in my little town, and always have the memories that come with that amazing sound of raindrops hitting the ground!

Love love love, LC

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A Bucket Full of Summer!

Summer . . . oh sweet sweet sweet summer!  It is one of my favourite seasons because it is when we make our ‘Family Summer Bucket List’!  For the last 10 years, we have religiously made a bucket list with each of us taking turns writing down what we wish to do over the summer break!  We usually check off every box, however, sometimes a few get missed because time just runs out!  Wouldn’t it be great if summer break was 4 months instead of 2?  I know I would smile a lot more if it was longer!!!

This year for our list, the boys have picked a few great things for us to do!  One of my favourites is “a funny photo day”!  Now anyone who knows me knows that all I do is take tons and tons of photographs!  I love love love photographs!!!  So to add an extra element of “fun” to photos is going to be amazing!  I want to learn more about photography, and also be more creative on a daily basis!  I also enjoy making photo collages and can’t wait to share them with you!

Do any of you make summer bucket lists?  What sorts of things do you choose to do?  Any other traditions your family has for summer?  Our traditions are held close to my heart, and I want these traditions for our kids because they can pass them on to their kids and include us too, even when I have a walker or have lost my marbles!  I also appreciate the fact that the boys can invite their friends to join us, and we can also include our extended family or friends to join us as well.  It just creates so many memories for all of us!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!  I find the key to a happy summer is happy children, so here is to making my children happy, and crossing off our items on our list, and making many memories for years to come!

Love love love, LC



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